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The Way Capital LLC

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Featured Finance Option:

For publicly traded companies that have investment grade credit and would rather not use their cash reserves to weather the economy, we have institutional investors (major insurers and pension funds) that can still provide $5M to no realistic maximum in 2-6 weeks, take no board seats or creative control and allows for deferred payments of principal and interest for at least 2 years; terms that beat any bank.


The investment grade credit is the collateral


Instead of looking for Gov't bailouts, certain companies can hold on to their cash reserves and maintain their investment grade credit.


Let's say a company (with investment grade credit) owes one of their distribution partners $100 million at the end of July but they'd rather, if possible, conserve that cash because of the economic turmoil. Our capital partner who is a U.S. Private Investment Banking Firm (with over $4B in closed monetization transactions) will pay the $100MM so they keep their credit rating and our capital partner gives them several years to pay it back. 


This can be really attractive to certain qualified companies because if they think it's going to take a few years for things to turnaround, they won't owe any money for at least two years.  


Monetization of contracts backed by a minimum unconditional promise to pay by an investment grade entity is our capital partner's bread and butter.. 


Or if the company does get a Gov't guarantee for a loan, we can monetize that guarantee provided there are no "outs or offsets."

Senior Advisor - Finance

Engage The Way Capital for your capital raise. We bring relationships with UHNW individuals, a Hedge Fund, Investment Banking Firms, Investment Advisory Firms, Funds who are actively looking for Qualified Projects with the utmost in professionalism, transparency, round-the-clock attention and creative finance structures backed with proven results. Any industry.


John 14:6

Our Team
Ben Morris, Fund Director /
Executive Producer | Phone: 424-326-3762


  • First attempt at a screenplay was produced and released theatrically

  • Ray Charles Electronic Press Kit (had 48 hours to crew up and prep)

  • Members of Congress & Top Journalists gave standing ovation after viewing promotional video Ben wrote/produced/directed for a national media organization.

  • Playwright of multi-media musicals that Sold Out 1400 seat theatres in Los Angeles and received standing ovations.

  • His original situation comedy "A Page's Life" made it final considerations at Starz.

  • Teamed up in 2018 with a U.S. Investment Banking Firm (over $4B in closed monetization transactions through its deep reservoirs of institutional capital) to provide project funding partnerships for deals of at least $10M.

Through this relationship, The Way Capital LLC is able to provide clients who have additional needs beyond capital.  

There are two common themes at the heart of these services provided by the Managing Partner of our capital partner; 1) Multiple decades of “best of breed” sector experience and 2) our collective dedication to enhance our client’s bottom line with our services. 

Whether it be structuring a No-Equity Capital Raise, IT services, delivering “Zero-Waste” (no-landfill and no incineration) disposal solutions for our corporate Waste Disposal clients, LED Lighting, Fuel Treatment solutions from and yes, even assisting our clients to reduce telecom spend with our telecom partner.

We engage only if we can clearly demonstrate a minimum of 25% savings over your current service providers. 


For over ten years, Ben has maintained relationships with Hollywood executives, filmmakers and producers. He has established relationships with film funds that enjoy first look deals with Hollywood veterans all the way to senior level bankers at major U.S. banks.


Ben created the structure for the capitalization of The Way Capital as a result of this ability to protect its investor's capital. His direct relationships with capital sources include a U.S. Private Lending Institution that has over $4B in closings and a $11.5B Southern California mezzanine fund.

Ben worked as an Underwriter for 9 years, reviewing loan documentation for an U.S. boutique investment banking firm that originates loans for qualified projects that have a minimum need of $5M.


Ben is a produced screenwriter and playwright so he recognizes the importance of story. His writing focus is faith based, family and animation. His strengths are story structure and dialogue; always with a comedic flair.


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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