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For Investors & Private Lenders

Business Financing


The Way Capital LLC is an affiliate of a leading financial solutions company/investment bank (a direct source of capital – the lender via its relationships) in Washington State that provides a wide range of business financial services to help your business sustain and grow.


They have a Joint Venture model where they bring in a capital partner.


We work directly with the Founder/Managing Partner who makes the investment decisions. He has provided inspiration and leadership to community banks and credit unions inclusive of Wells Fargo and MaPS Credit Union, the latter overseeing branch management and commercial lending.

PPE Finance

Purchase Order Financing

Equipment Financing

Working Capital Loans

Real Estate


Collateralized Stock Loan


Transactions in Process:

- $10,000,000 Audio Book Franchise for the 570 million Spanish Speaking population 

Capital Stack:

U.S. Boutique Investment Banking Firm

Private Investor


Seed Committed

Matching Committed


Finance Consultant:

The Way Capital LLC

- $2,000,000 Development Funding for a Major Streaming Service TV Series

Capital Stack:

The Way Capital LLC

Private Investor

Financier/Executive Producer:

The Way Capital LLC

Proposed Transactions:

  • Feature film on the story of King David


Capital Stack:


U.S. Boutique Investment Banking Firm

Finance Consultant:

The Way Capital LLC

U.S. Boutique Investment

Banking Firm ($100M and up)

The Capital Way, LLC has teamed up with a U.S. Boutique Investment Banking Firm that has $4B in closed transactions in various industries to provide Project funding.


The funding structure allows for a Project Investor to sponsor the Project in the form of an unsecured Preferred Investment.

U.S. Boutique Investment Banking Firm provides project funding in the amount of one hundred percent (100%).

Full transparency. Attorney and Banking Confirmation for Qualified Clients.

*For Projects (Globally) that already have Committed Investors  and/or Money Center Banks based on the strength of the project. 

- Green initiative and humanitarian projects are of special interest to the Lender (Shovel Ready). Any Industry.

*Time to Close: 35-45 days


-One Pager on the Project

- Proof of Funds

For Banks

Latest Clients:

  • A mini-major studio (content discovery, development, production, distribution) funded by a Preferred Stock Offering represented by a fully compliant Blockchain based Security Token.


Capital Stack:



UHNW Acquisition Loan

Preferred Equity

Film Finance Loans

Senior Advisor - Finance:

The Way Capital LLC

  • A U.S. PPE Manufacturer that has been awarded $100M+ in Gov't contracts.

  • 2020 Manufacturer of the Year

Senior Advisor - Finance:

The Way Capital LLC

  • A Premium Content fund $75M raise) from one of Hollywood's most respected entities that has been around for 50 years with a stable of 600+ A-list artists, directors, writers, athletes, e-sports, technology and relationships with major streamers, new streamers and studios.


Track Record:

16 Academy Awards, 18 Golden Globes, $3B in worldwide box office

Capital Stack:

JV's with private investors

Consultant - Finance:

The Way Capital LLC

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