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TWCV will partner with PATH Ventures to finance permanent housing for the formerly homeless

or those who have special needs.

TWCV will invest $10 million into purchasing existing apartment buildings or developing new apartment homes to be managed by PATH Ventures. Each invesment will be secured by a financial guarantee bond from a major insurer.


Up to 80% of tenant's rent will be guaranteed by the federal government through the Section 8 program. PATH ensures the quality of each tenant as it works with state agencies to vett each person.


PATH Ventures develops affordable housing for low-income households and permanent supportive housing for people who are homeless and/or have special needs. Our expertise touches all stages of development, including management of new acquisitions, pre-development, design, pre-construction, construction, project close out, financing, and lease-up. We have a wealth of experience with tax credit applications and securing funds from a number of private and public sources.

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PATH Cooks - September 2016

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